Early Application to College Girl Computer

How Early Should You Submit Your College Application?

Tara Cunningham High School

Going to college is a large decision. It’s not something that can be organized quickly or without effort. A good deal of planning and preparation is required. Read on to see just what is involved. How early should you submit your college application? It all depends on a few key points. Having good preparation will ease the process. Here’s how …

Friends Homeschool

Do Homeshoolers Have Friends

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues, Teens Friends

Homeschooling is something we may find is going to be our new normal. Not every parent or child is cut out to be homeschooled. Parents biggest concern is usually the social aspect. How can they make friends? Read on to find out how. Do homeschoolers have friends? In the past homeschooling was stereotyped to large families in rural environments with …

Smart Teen Home school

Why are Homeschoolers So Smart? – Here’s Why!

Tara Cunningham High School

There are many reasons why parents consider home schooling. And equally as many reasons as to why they are so smart. In a current era of pandemic, more and more parents may consider home schooling. Here’s why its a great idea. Why are home schoolers so smart? Homeschooling children is not for everyone. It’s also not as easy as you …

How Do Homeschooled Kids Graduate? Here’s How!

Tara Cunningham High School

Homeschooling is not for everyone. It suits certain kids and definitely has to suit a household. But if you decide to home school then can your child graduate? Here’s all the information you need to know. How do home school kids graduate? There are certain things that need to be put in place in order for you them to graduate. …

How To Write A Study Plan: That Actually Works

Holly Cunningham College Life, High School

In order to study effectively there must be a plan in place. This is something that also needs to be learned. A good study plan will make the process more manageable. Here’s everything you need to know to get you on track. How do I write my study plan? Firstly you need to prioritise your subjects. A new plan must …

How To Deal With Leaving High School (The Ultimate Survival Guide)

Holly Cunningham High School

High school is a safe place. Everything is laid out before you and teachers look out for you. School can be a second home for many people. But this inevitably must come to an end. Leaving school must be seen as a positive, new beginning. This is how I coped with leaving school. How do I cope with leaving school? …