Good GPA Score

What is a good GPA?

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GPA – grade point average is the scoring system used throughout the states to determine a student’s performance in each high school subject. A good GPA is anything higher than the national average, which is 3.0. The higher your GPA the better chance you have of acceptance to your dream school.  Your GPA score will determine which school you can …

SAT and Act Test

Should I take both the SAT and Act?

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SAT and Act are different exams that require different areas of study. Taking both will certainly be an advantage but it will depend on what kind of student you are. The real question is do I need to? It’s better to take more than one test to increase your chances of success but you must consider the prep time. Here’s …

SAT Test Sheet

Taking SAT first time senior year

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In order for you to apply to college you must take either an SAT or ACT. You will need to supply your scores on your application and more than one is always better. You can take your SAT for the first time senior year. Don’t leave it too late to jeopardize your college application. You can take it as early …


Is GPA or SAT score more important?

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Applying to college is an important stage in life. Lots of organizing needs to be done for your application to go smoothly. To determine what is most important read on. You need GPA to get offered a college place. SAT scores are required in most but not all colleges. Colleges look at both to determine your place. High scores in …

Subject Tests Hard

Are SAT Subject tests hard?

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If you are applying to certain colleges SAT subject tests are recommended, or indeed required. It can be an extra bonus to set you apart from other applicants. If you have covered the fundamentals of your chosen subjects you won’t find the SAT subject tests hard. SAT Subject Tests are broken into 5 categories with sub categories. Each subject test …

Toilet break during SAT

Can I go to the bathroom during the SAT?

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The SAT is a state run exam. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed during these tests. Read on to be best prepared. Can I go to the bathroom during the SAT? You are allowed to go to the bathroom however only during allocated break times. The SAT follows rules set by the College Board. These are …

Early Application to College Girl Computer

How Early Should You Submit Your College Application?

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Going to college is a large decision. It’s not something that can be organized quickly or without effort. A good deal of planning and preparation is required. Read on to see just what is involved. You should submit your college application in Senior Year but start the process in Junior Year. Good preparation is key. 1. School selection 2. Early …

Friends Homeschool

Do Homeshoolers Have Friends

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Homeschooling is something we may find is going to be our new normal. Not every parent or child is cut out to be homeschooled. Parents biggest concern is usually the social aspect. How can they make friends? Read on to find out how. In the past homeschooling was stereotyped to large families in rural environments with strong religious beliefs. But …

Smart Teen Home school

Why are Homeschoolers So Smart? – Here’s Why!

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There are many reasons why parents consider home schooling. And equally as many reasons as to why they are so smart. In a current era of pandemic, more and more parents may consider home schooling. Here’s why its a great idea. It has been proven that homeschoolers get higher SAT / ACT scores than average. Homeschool children learn at their …