Pet At College

Can I bring my Dog to College?

Tara Cunningham College Life

Leaving for college can be an anxious time. New space. New classes. New friends. It would be nice to have something familiar with you. Could it be your dog? There are a few things to consider first. You may bring your dog to college if: Your dog is a service dog or You are attending a school that allows dogs …

Studying Overseas

Should I go to college outside of the US?

Tara Cunningham College Life

Going to college is an exciting time for everyone. Picking a college and choosing a major… Why not think of a bigger picture and look overseas? There are advantages to going to college overseas or outside of the US. Many colleges in Europe offer very low tuition rates compared to the US and also teach courses through English, You can …

Mom upset at teen leaving for college

Why is my mom upset at me leaving for college?

Tara Cunningham College Life, Teen Issues

Making plans for leaving for college is an exciting time. It is the beginning of the next chapter in your life. But it’s also the ending of a chapter in your moms. Your mom is upset because she knows this is the end of your childhood. You are going to college and she will see less and less of you. …

College Accommodation

Where do College Students Live?

Tara Cunningham College Life

If your child is moving to college you will need to think about where they are going to live. You want them to be happy but also safe. Choosing the correct place is key. College students can choose from a selection of different accommodation choices 1. On Campus – Dorms 2. On Campus – Apartments 3. On Campus – Sorority …

College Dorm

Do you get to see your dorm before you move in?

Tara Cunningham College Life

You’re moving to college and have decided that you are going to live in dorms. Dorm rules are different from college to college so check out what applies to your chosen college. Most schools do not offer tours of halls or dorms prior to move in. You can see a virtual tour online on the school website. While visiting a …

Losing Friends after High School

Losing Friends after High School

Tara Cunningham College Life, High School

Leaving high school is one of the first milestones as you transition into adulthood. Change is inevitable after high school. Friends go their different ways and lose touch. It’s part of growing up. For some the thoughts of leaving high school and moving on is just too much to handle. We need to think of this time as the start …

Can't Afford College

Accepted to College but Can’t Afford It

Tara Cunningham College Life, High School

You’ve gone through the whole college application and have been offered a place. Well Done! You now realise that the funding is not there. Here’s some advice. If your financial aid package is not what you expected it would be there are other routes to continuing your education. 1. Student Loan 2. Scholarships 3. In State college options 4. Join …

Should I go to college out of state?

Tara Cunningham College Life, High School

Going to college is a life changing decision. Where you choose to attend is also very important. Let’s look at what might be involved in that decsion. You should go to college out of state if you have the resources to do so. You won’t be limited by course choice but financially it is more expensive. There are just over …

Getting into College After Gap Year

Tara Cunningham College Life, High School

Deciding to take a gap year after high school is a time when a teen can mature, figure out who they are. But is it for everyone and what difficulties might arise? Getting into college after gap year is harder than going straight from high school. The best solution is to apply as normal and defer your place. The process …