Prom Night Pic

Don’t Want to Go to Prom

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Prom is the last large get together before graduating. It goes without saying that you’re going, right? Well not everyone wants to go to prom. And that’s ok. There are definite reasons why teens don’t want to go to prom. Social anxiety. Finances. Not loving high school the way others do. Let’s look at some of the reasons teens decide …

How late should I let my teenager stay out?

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues, Teens Friends

The time comes for every teen when they want to be out with friends. This is the natural course of events, pushing the boundaries. But they still need to be safe. Here’s how we have monitored it. Times for teenage curfew should be age appropriate. Younger teens should be home by 8pm and older teens (17) by 11pm. Of course …

Friends Homeschool

Do Homeshoolers Have Friends

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues, Teens Friends

Homeschooling is something we may find is going to be our new normal. Not every parent or child is cut out to be homeschooled. Parents biggest concern is usually the social aspect. How can they make friends? Read on to find out how. In the past homeschooling was stereotyped to large families in rural environments with strong religious beliefs. But …

My Daughter’s Friend is Manipulative – Here’s How to Help!

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Being a teen is hard. Fitting in and finding your way is all part of growing up. Some people find it easier to mix than others. But sometimes you find that people you think are your friend are actually not at all. We found this to be the case with my daughter’s ‘best friend’. Here’s how we got through the …