Toilet break during SAT

Can I go to the bathroom during the SAT?

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The SAT is a state run exam. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed during these tests. Read on to be best prepared.

Can I go to the bathroom during the SAT? You are allowed to go to the bathroom however only during allocated break times.

The SAT follows rules set by the College Board. These are very clear and must be followed. Here’s some tips to get prepared.

1. Breakdown of test day
2. What is allowed in the test with you
3. After each test
4. What’s next?

The SAT is the first major test you probably will take on your journey to college. If you do the prep and that doesn’t mean just study, you will be fine. Read on to find out what I mean.

Breakdown of Test Day

Once you have registered for your SAT test day, you need to be prepared for actual test day. This is a very important day make no mistake. Yes, of course you can sit the exam more than once but each time is as important as the last. You need to take it seriously.

There are certain things you can and cannot do. If you fail to follow protocol the college board will take extreme action.

On the eve of test day, make sure you get to bed early. Have a good nights sleep. This may seem obvious right? But you may not be able to sleep initially. You may be super nervous or excited and can’t sleep. Have your evening meal early and don’t drink too much water or liquid. Select what you are going to wear - comfy, layers are better, in case it’s too hot or cold. Have your bag ready to go.

Set two alarms that give you plenty of time to get to your test center.
Check your admissions ticket and make sure you bring it to the test center along with photo ID that matches your ticket. The Name and gender should be the same.

The test begins between 8.30am and 9am. You must arrive no later than 7.45am. The doors will shut at 8am and once shut you will not be able to gain entry.

You have been assigned a seat and will be shown it by the proctor in charge.
So to the question in hand. Am I allowed to leave the room? You will more than likely have done some test runs. This is where you need to practice your bathroom awareness. This is also why I suggest you don’t have any large amounts of water or liquid the night before. Try practicing this during school hours. Try not going to the wash room during the school day as often as you would have. Obviously if you need to go, then don’t put yourself in a position where you can’t hold on. But you can teach yourself to not have to go every ten minutes.

You definitely don’t want to be sitting in your test and all you can think of is the bathroom.

If you have to go to the wash room during the test, your test will be cancelled and you will have to retest.

The test is broken into 3 sections (or 4 if doing the essay section). After each section is completed there is a short break. The first break is 10 minutes long. You are allowed to leave the room, have a snack and go to the bathroom. If you have to go to the wash room at the first break, go there first before you have a snack. The next section is 60 minutes long and the second break is only 5 minutes. There could be a line and you must be back in your seat at the allotted time.

The final break is before the essay. If you are not sitting the essay you are now finished. If you are doing the essay section, this break is just 2 minutes long and you are not allowed to leave the room. I do advise though that you have a quick stretch beside your desk.

What is allowed in the room with you?

  • You are allowed to bring a bag in to the room.
  • You are allowed to bring at least 2 Pencils (No2). I advise bringing 4. You don’t want to waste test time sharpening a pencil.
  • You are also allowed an eraser.
  • SAT have very specific requirements for calculator use. Ensure yours is one that is permissible. It is forbidden to use any device that can store information.
  • If you bring a timing device - which is a good idea, as there may not always be a clock in the room and your proctor may not be good at calling 15 minutes to go etc. Your timing device cannot make any noise. If it does, there is the possibility your test will be cancelled.

Your bag must be kept under you chair or table during the test and you are not allowed to take anything from it during the test.

  • You are allowed to bring snacks and water in your bag but you are not permitted to eat or drink during the test.

After Each Test

Each test in itself is complete. You are only allowed to work within each test, within the time allocated. You may not go back or forward in your booklet. AT the first and second breaks you are permitted to leave the room. You are not permitted to leave the test center. Do not be persuaded by anyone to leave, and do not leave to get some air. Your test will be cancelled.

During each break it’s a good idea to have a couple of topics to discuss if you find you are with people you know. It is forbidden to discuss any part of the test at the break. If the proctor hears you discussing it, again your whole test will be cancelled.

What's Next ?

Not discussing any part of the test also carries through to back in school Monday morning. You are not allowed to discuss your test with classmates or teachers or post anything on social media. The board obviously haven’t got ‘the test police’ listening and monitoring every student, but why take the risk of someone reporting you.

If you are accused of cheating or discussing your test, your booklet will be removed and you will have to retest. Depending on whether you appeal or not will determine whether you will have to pay for your next text. You will not however be banned from testing and colleges will not be informed.

So to sum up. There are definitely rules and regulations to follow on test day.

Be organized.

Be prepared.

Be on time.

And go to the wash room before you begin!

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