Pet At College

Can I bring my Dog to College?

Tara Cunningham College Life

Leaving for college can be an anxious time. New space. New classes. New friends. It would be nice to have something familiar with you. Could it be your dog? There are a few things to consider first. You may bring your dog to college if: Your dog is a service dog or You are attending a school that allows dogs …

Don't Want to Go To College

What if I don’t want to go to college?

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues

Senior year of high school can be incredibly stressful. Everyone talking about SATs and college applications. But maybe you don’t want to go to college. Let’s look at the options. No one must go to college. There are plenty of options available if a four year degree is not for you. It’s understandable that not everyone wants to go to …

Studying Overseas

Should I go to college outside of the US?

Tara Cunningham College Life

Going to college is an exciting time for everyone. Picking a college and choosing a major… Why not think of a bigger picture and look overseas? There are advantages to going to college overseas or outside of the US. Many colleges in Europe offer very low tuition rates compared to the US and also teach courses through English, You can …

Son Break Up

My Son’s Girlfriend broke up with him

Tara Cunningham Teen Issues

The ending of a romance is tough on everyone. Our son’s romance recently ended and he was really upset by it. It’s hard to know how to console a teen. Here’s how we got through it. It’s important if your son is very upset that you sit and listen to him. Don’t make light of the situation. This is a …

Prom Night Pic

Don’t Want to Go to Prom

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues, Teens Friends

Prom is the last large get together before graduating. It goes without saying that you’re going, right? Well not everyone wants to go to prom. And that’s ok. There are definite reasons why teens don’t want to go to prom. Social anxiety. Finances. Not loving high school the way others do. Let’s look at some of the reasons teens decide …

School Refusal

How Do I Get My 14 year old to go to School ?

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues

As a parent my priority was always the emphasis on education. Not in an authoritarian way, but just to show my kids how important education is for their future. All 14 year olds must attend school by law with the exception of health reasons or home schooling. 14 US states allow children to leave school at 16. Refusal to attend …

Mom upset at teen leaving for college

Why is my mom upset at me leaving for college?

Tara Cunningham College Life, Teen Issues

Making plans for leaving for college is an exciting time. It is the beginning of the next chapter in your life. But it’s also the ending of a chapter in your moms. Your mom is upset because she knows this is the end of your childhood. You are going to college and she will see less and less of you. …

How much Does a Teenager Cost per Month ?

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Teenagers can be expensive. They all want the latest gadget or newest fashion trend. But the cost of this can spiral so we need to budget how much is enough each month. From birth to 18, the average cost of a child is $241,323. The monthly cost is $1200. This varies on location and parental income. These expenses include 1. …

Disadvantages of Private School

What are the Disadvantages of Private School

Tara Cunningham High School, Teen Issues

Early last year my son decided he would like to move school. He had attended a private school for four years. It was a surprise to me as he announced he would like to attend a public school from the next fall. Private school was something I never questioned when choosing a school. I went to one and so my …