Good GPA Score

What is a good GPA?

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GPA – grade point average is the scoring system used throughout the states to determine a student’s performance in each high school subject. A good GPA is anything higher than the national average, which is 3.0. The higher your GPA the better chance you have of acceptance to your dream school.  Your GPA score will determine which school you can …

SAT and Act Test

Should I take both the SAT and Act?

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SAT and Act are different exams that require different areas of study. Taking both will certainly be an advantage but it will depend on what kind of student you are. The real question is do I need to? It’s better to take more than one test to increase your chances of success but you must consider the prep time. Here’s …

Subject Tests Hard

Are SAT Subject tests hard?

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If you are applying to certain colleges SAT subject tests are recommended, or indeed required. It can be an extra bonus to set you apart from other applicants. If you have covered the fundamentals of your chosen subjects you won’t find the SAT subject tests hard. SAT Subject Tests are broken into 5 categories with sub categories. Each subject test …

Teenager Moving Country (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Everyone likes routine. For everything to be just so. But sometimes we have to do things out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to the limit. When my daughter was just 13 we moved to Canada from Europe. It certainly was a challenge but here’s how we all coped. Moving to a new country. This is not something that …

Teen Won’t Listen – A Mother’s Top Tips

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Parenting is difficult at the best of times but more often than not every teenage at some stage decides that they know everything and no longer need to listen. Here’s how we got through the trying times. Your teen won’t listen. What to do? In order to solve any problem we must firstly find the root of the problem. Hopefully …

Teen Refuses To Do Chores (This is Why)

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As a parent of two teens I spend most of my time running around after them. Picking up and bringing them wherever they need to go. So how do I make sure they are doing their fair share? This is how it works in our home. Teen refuses to do chores You need to be realistic about your teen. If …

Study Without Pressure

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We all experience stress in our lives at some point. But as a parent it’s very difficult to see your child trying to manage stress. How they cope with it is the key to getting through any situation. Exam stress is no different. This is how we guided our teens through their exam stress. So how do you cope with …